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Memoirs of #NuvoFoodies around the world in #80Days

Please dont get distracted by the title. #NuvoFoodies didn’t hit the travel tracks, but simply headed to 80 Days at Global Culture (in Sanpada) for a great experience in World Cuisine.

80 Days is designed around the book & movie – Around the world in 80 Days – true to it in each aspect. The experience begins as you enter the ambiance – flags off varied countries, huge ship to mark the travel bug, comfortable and unique seating style. Most importantly a comprehensive menu with vast options to pick from.

Once seated, we were offered Olive Tepanade – crusted bread with delectable olives crushed in – this got us started and wanting for more. The vegetarians on the table were soon delighted with the Mezze Platter (best we had in the twin city), Jalapeno Poppers (that came with an awesome dip) and Essence of mushroom soup (will be a fav for mushroom lovers). With lower in count, the non-vegetarians, chose the often recommended lamb sliders and were not disappointed at all.

80 days essence of mushroom 80 Days Jalapeno Poppers 80 Days Lam Sliders 80 days mezze platter 80 Days olive tepenade

As we moved on to picking our beverages, the table was soon swamped with great options. But the “hero”80 Days Beverages
of the night was awarded to Port No. 7, a bourbon whisky cocktail. peta dunia satelit If your a whisky lover, then no one can stop u drooling on this one; and if u aint a whisky person, you would still want more of this smooth drink. Others on the table were – Virgin Green Apple Mojito, Green Apple & Hazelnut Martini, Mango & Plum Smoothie.

For the non-vegetarian mains, we picked their wood-fired barbeque chicken pizza (slow cooked to give a smoky chicken taste to it) and chicken milanise (crumb fried with olive tepanade & fetacheese). The portions are splendid and definitely gets us to try something new, this side of the town. The vegetarians chose Creole Cottage Cheese (very tender & flavorsome) and Tomato Risotto (moist in texture). Although we didnt order, but the tomato emulsion soup is personally recommended by the chef.

80 Days Barbeque Chicken Pizza 80 Days Chicken Milanis 80 Days Cottage Cheese 80 Days Rissotto

Like all good things end on a sweet note, this meal got its closure with the chocolate marquis cake – not so sweet, not overtly filled with chocolate, not so bitter. It was the perfect balance.

80 Days Chocolate Marquis

What we enjoyed – food offered is a great combination of taste & options, comfortable ambiance (has a large screen as well), prompt service, quick chat with the chef and the lovely cocktail. Family, friends or quick catching-up, this place can give it all.

Nothing better than hearing what the experts had to say themselves. So go on and read what our #foodies recommend: Sudha Ganapathi  Avantika Chitlangia Aarti Ghai  Rohan Dasgupta  Rutavi Mehta

(This review was done on March 13th, 2015)

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A jaunt to Kharghar reveals Pattaya Street for #NuvoFoodies

As the name goes, Pattaya Street is Asian from the word go. Be it the ‘you cant miss’ Happy-man Statue, the ambiance, the omnipresent Buddha wall decor or the Chinese lamps. Everything simply tickles you to expect a complete Asian fare.

The evening begins with a simple yet impressive menu. From  page one till u turn the last one, each dish is explained in detail alongwith the country of origin. We traversed onto this journey with soups – Tom Kha Phak (vegetarian) and Tom Yum with Shrimps – both thai soups were bountiful of flavors.

Pattaya Street Soups

Next addition on our tables were the starters – Corn Chestnut Roll (Thai), Veg Sushi (Japan), Cottage Cheese Thai Cake (Thai) and Chicken Yakitori (Japan). The corn chestnut roll and cheese thai cake got our thumbs up, whereas you could give sushi a miss. Although the chicken yakitori was average, you could still enjoy it with the sweet sticky black bean sauce. An Asian eatery and no dumplings? Cant be! So we dug into assorted dumplings of Chicken, Prawns and Veges (assortment was specially made to order, not a usual practice).

Pattaya Street Dimsums Pattaya Street starters

Our mains were – Khow Suey (one of their signature dishes), Assorted vegetables in peanut sauce (thai) and steamed fish in banana leaf (thai) – stole the show of the evening. Each of them had a distinct flavor and left us wanting for more. For the sweet tooth lovers we opted for simple honey tossed noodles and vanilla ice-cream.

Pattaya Street Main course

A meal for two costs Rs. 1000, in a comfortable ambiance and attended to by courteous staff. A special thanks to their Chef Devraaj Negi (from Uttaranchal) for the splendid fare.

But if this is not enough, then read what our #foodie experts have to say: Abhipsa Gaur and Abhinav Singh 

(PS: The team was requested for smaller portions of everything served on our table)

Review was done on March 12th, 2015

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Pan Pan. One-stop shop in #Asian cuisine for #NuvoFoodies

An experience that engulfs you on entering the world of Global Culture. A brand that houses four themes of restaurants, is definitely a first in Navi Mumbai.

Having opened its doors only a week back, we were delighted to be at Pan Pan (east Asian cuisine) for a review. It seemed like the perfect day with a window seating, skies pouring outside and some brilliant eastern fare turning up on our tables.

As we settled in, the usual like khimchi and sauces were placed. Our orders began with their special Tom Yum chicken soup, Seafood wanton soup and Chicken Lemon Coriander soup. The three bowls were overflowing with aroma and were distinctively special. Following that we chose the obvious – steamed dimsums – opting for Garlic Prawn dimsums. Colorfully rich and soft to the touch, these dimsums blend beautifully if you wish to try green tea along. East Asian fare, so Chicken satay wasn’t far away with its finger-licking peanut sauce.

Pan Pan soupsPan Pan dimsums

Our appetites were full to the brim, but main course definitely needed some indulgence. The team recommended vegetarian Burmese curry (which is MUST try) and burnt garlic prawn rice (a hit from the moment it landed on our table). peta dunia satelit We pushed the envelope by ordering their in-house special – cheesecake, which was loaded with cheese and got full marks for its freshness.

Pan Pan burmese curry n burnt garlic prawn ricePan Pan cheesecake

All in all, Pan Pan will make you come back everytime you yearn for Asian cuisine, so forget traveling anywhere else (approx Rs. 1500-2000 for a meal of two).

This isnt enough and you want more details on the menu? Then read what our guest and a senior food expert Sanjay Punjabi, has to say. Professionally works in the ecommerce industry, has an in-depth understanding of the print industry and is a foodie by passion.



Review done on Feb 28th, 2015

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#NuvoFoodies tantalized their taste buds at the refreshed #PotPourri

Pot Pourri is back with a new look, invigorated menu and a Wednesday night special buffet! Ardent regulars at Pot Pourri might not need anything to motivate their visit, because its always on their favorite list. But the Wednesday buffet seemed to have engulfed both – regulars and newbies – at Rs. 650 inclusive of taxes. peta dunia satelit And one definitely has to add the innovative display and some unique props. The spread was impressive, with ample options in veg and non-veg across salads, soups, entrees and main course. Desserts laid out enough varieties such as fresh fruits, cupcakes, cheesecake, mousse & pastries! PotPourri smoothies n iced teasPotPourri soups n saladsPotPourri maincoursepotPourri desserts But if your’e not a buffet person, then don’t worry, you could still order a-la-carte and enjoy few drinks at the bar. Their signature chicken wings is a must-try (and any grilled chicken or fish preparation too).

This is not all, read what our #foodies have to say: Rhea Dalal  Avantika Chitlangia  Saba & Rohit from HelloTuckers 

Review done on Feb 25th, 2015

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