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All-day breakfast & open air made #Nuvofoodies trot to Rockville Deli

Yes, this is true! Navi Mumbai now houses an all-day breakfast menu at Rockville Deli.

Open ambiance, great weather, brilliant spread to choose from – definitely made #NuvoFoodies enjoy their time at Rockville Deli. This new all-day breakfast dining (at Vashi station) is easily accessible, even if its just for a cup of cappuccino, Oreo shake or a refreshing mint Mojito.

The gamut was enjoyable, as the tables got filled with Crockpots, an in-house special (must try the mushroom, chicken sausage & egg), Frittata, stuffed egg-white omelet, Chicken Schnitzel sandwhich, Moroccan Burger (not so great, yet), Waffles with whipped cream and maple syrup, stunning Sundaes and shakes (Oreo one is a must try).

This place can definitely be part of your daily routine. And if you thought that was all, please indulge in reading what our #NuvoFoodies have to say.

Rhea Dalal    Sudha Ganapathi   Rohan Dasgupta  Aarti Ghai


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A morning foodie at Cafe Monza

There are a lot of reasons one would wake up early for. But all geared up for a hearty breakfast at 8am, only cult foodies would do that!

On this beautiful Friday morning #NuvoFoodies head to Cafe Monza at Kharghar, for their breakfast spread. This quaint little place welcomes you from the moment you enter the cafe, which has two levels of seating (and options outside as well).

As #NuvoFoodies get settled, the table is swamped with some delectable food – egg omelet, waffles, kheema ghotala (finger-licking awesome), mashed potato, chicken sausages, poha in basil & sundried tomato (must try in-house innovation), masala chai and cappuccino.

Cafe MonzaKheema GotalaWafflesMasala Chai n Capuccino

Wanna know more, read what our experts have to say – Rhea Dalal  Avantika Chitlangia and Nisha Jha

(PS: meal for two could be approx Rs. 500-700)

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Ergo a foodie

So the #NuvoFoodies embarked on a journey, making their first stop at Macchiato, a pizza, bar and grill (CBD Belapur). As they rightly said, this two-florey Italophilia made it for an interesting evening.

Our tables soon got filled with macchitato shots (awesomely strong coffee) with in-house breads (referred to as home-made), mocktails like Orange Blossom, side orders of Carpaccio and Crostinis, main course of wood fired pizza, risotto and home-made pasta. The cherry on top was the light and a must-try steamed (not baked) cheesecake.

Macchiato IndiaMacchiato_main courseMacchiato_home made pastaMacchiato_cheesecake n mango icecream

And how well did it tickle our taste buds? Read the reviews shared by our foodies Sudha Ganapthi and Avantika Chitlangia

Stay tuned as more specials come up!

(PS: A meal for two could cost approx Rs. 2000 or slightly more)

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